Improve App Uptime:
Tips from MVP David Klee + Customer Case Study

Application availability is an “across the stack” problem – straddling the app tier, database, virtualization, and cloud infrastructure. DBAs, IT ops, and architects must do more to improve app uptime, particularly at the database tier, where failovers and maintenance cycles disrupt the app, impacting the customer experience.

Microsoft MVP David Klee and Mouser Electronic's Director of Operations Mark Price share their expertise on:

  • enhancements in clustering and Availability Groups
  • why these solutions can’t enable seamless failover
  • how database-level buffering and acceleration improve app availability
  • what IT can do across the stack to improve the customer experience


Webinar Speakers

David Klee
David Klee  

Microsoft MVP
founder, chief architect


Varun Singh
Mark Price
director of IT operations
Mouser Electronics