Gartner Likes Us – They Really Like Us!

Call it our latest Sally Fields moment – ScaleArc and our SQL load balancing technology debuted in a Garter hype cycle! When you’re building a new kind of technology, it’s a major accomplishment to have Gartner call it critical to supporting IT uptime and highlight you as a prominent supplier.

This accolade follows Gartner calling us a Cool Vendor just a few months ago. While it’s cool to be “cool,” being in a Hype Cycle is even more gratifying, since Gartner uses this research to make the case for technology IT should deploy now.

In this report focused on IT Service Continuity, Gartner calls out the need to keep database disruptions transparent to the app, support multiple databases, and run on prem and in the cloud. We keep some great company in the report - the sample vendors Gartner lists are F5, Citrix, Oracle, and us. Amongst all those - and the rest of the suppliers - only ScaleArc hits all the requirements. ScaleArc delivers software that:

  • keeps failover, maintenance, and other database changes transparent to the app and user
  • supports SQL Server, MySQL, and Oracle
  • runs on prem or in cloud partners including Azure, AWS, SoftLayer, and Rackspace

Gartner cites SQL load balancing as on the rise and predicts widespread deployment within two to five years. From the full Gartner report:

Because of its broad applicability to improving both IT service continuity and end-to-end performance of both internal and cloud-based applications that use SQL databases, the technology has a strong potential for delivering improved database operating efficiency and agility benefits. Among the first vertical industries to adopt SQL load balancing are e-commerce, SaaS, financial services, and content/media.

The technology is maturing and is drawing increased attention (as well as support) from major system vendors. The technology is rooted in server load balancing which has been available for over 20 years. What's new is the application of load balancing to support dedicated SQL applications and support for virtual database partitioning (individual partitions are referred to as "shards"). As a result, Gartner is initially positioning SQL load balancing at the trigger-peak midpoint with a projected two to five-year period for reaching the plateau.

I know the testimony of ScaleArc’s customers has impressed Gartner analysts, with the likes of Microsoft, Dell, Nasdaq, and Virgin America sharing how ScaleArc is enabling failover without application errors and zero downtime maintenance. Their success is our success, and this Gartner research is testimony to our joint success.

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