Digital Transformation – Making it a Reality, At Last

blog imageIn today’s world, Digital Transformation is the driving force behind business and remains at the top of every CEO/CIO/CTO’s priority list. What does Digital Transformation really mean to applications and their corresponding databases? It means that enterprise applications drive the business, “IT” is no longer a cost center, and databases are of even more mission-critical importance to the fundamental health and survival of companies. Every enterprise today is transforming into an online services company, often moving to the cloud, and changing the way they go to market as part of achieving Digital Transformation.

Yet the mission-critical transactional applications that drive the majority of business value – and rely on databases including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL – still utilize an old protocol (SQL) and old architecture that work against Digital Transformation. Applications are still directly connected to, and hard coded for, their specific database environment. As a result, enterprise applications fail to deliver the levels of uptime demanded in our world today. These applications perform poorly, and scaling them is difficult, costly, and time consuming. These failings directly cost the business – in revenue or reputation. You can lose a deal, or a customer for life.

At the same time, people’s expectations of how *all* applications should behave have increased thanks to the likes of Facebook, Google, Amazon, and others. These applications are never down, always fast, and scale well – across millions of users and platforms. These consumer apps have totally reset our expectations for how an app should behave. Yet enterprise applications simply aren’t consumer grade because of the legacy way that mission-critical apps and the databases they use are architected and built.

Enter ScaleArc….for 2016 and beyond.

ScaleArc makes applications consumer grade – never down, always fast, scale anywhere – with no code changes. Our database load balancing software drops into your existing environment transparently and enables apps to tap into the power of modern databases without writing a single line of code. Our software eliminates app downtime from database outages or maintenance windows, increases application performance, and automates scale out at the data tier.

There’s a good chance you’re already using ScaleArc. If you get a stock quote off, buy a laptop from, or buy an airline ticket from Virgin America, you’ve used ScaleArc. Improved uptime and performance for apps translates directly into top-line growth and bottom-line savings for our delighted customers. Here are just a few examples of the tangible business benefits our customers have seen from deploying ScaleArc:

ScaleArc enables you to deliver the consumer-grade apps needed for successful Digital Transformation. Wherever you are in your transformation journey, come see how ScaleArc can accelerate your success.

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