Augment Amazon Aurora with Auto Scale Out, Seamless Failover

blog imageAs the AWS Re:Invent show kicks off today, ScaleArc is excited to announce an upgrade to our software that delivers compatibility with Amazon Aurora. The updated software extends the capabilities of AWS’s PaaS offering, adding:

  • automatic scale out via read/write split
  • load balancing across Aurora’s read replicas
  • app-transparent failover that spans regions
  • zero downtime maintenance
  • faster performance with app-transparent caching

To demonstrate the success of the enhanced offering, ScaleArc and Amazon customer Sixgill tested the new version of ScaleArc’s software. The benchmark tests confirmed that ScaleArc’s software, leveraging the Amazon Aurora APIs, improves the uptime and performance of apps running on Aurora. Among other results, the tests showed that ScaleArc:

  • seamlessly scaled performance from 18K 000 QPS to 34K QPS with query load balancing across additional replicas with no application changes
  • scaled performance from 18K QPS to 46K QPS with query routing – again with no application changes
  • scaled read throughput more than 400%, from 36K to 160K, with app-transparent caching

Beyond faster apps, the other big win for customers running ScaleArc on Amazon Aurora is better app uptime. Any cloud provider struggles to overcome customer concerns about running on infrastructure the customer no longer controls. Maintenance windows, for example, are now the domain of the cloud provider.

By running ScaleArc in multiple regions, Amazon Aurora customers can now enable cross-region failover that doesn’t interrupt the application. When the ScaleArc software sees a failover happening – either planned or unplanned – it invokes its query queue, continuing to load balancing reads but holding writes in the queue until the database failover is complete. Then the ScaleArc software drains that queue and the writes continue on to the new primary. As a results, apps see delay but not errors.

If you’re on Amazon Aurora or any other AWS offering, check out how ScaleArc can help improve your app uptime and performance. We invite you to run a free trial of the ScaleArc software to see our capabilities in action.

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