Holiday Horror Fears – Survey Finds High Concern over Airline Site Downtime

blog image As people all over the globe get ready to visit family during the holidays, ScaleArc’s latest survey shows many Americans fear that airline database downtime could mean they lose time with loved ones or they’ll experience flight delays.

Depending on their business, ScaleArc’s customers experience surges in website or application use at different times of the year. For our eCommerce customers, it’s Black Friday. For our movie ticketing customers, it’s blockbuster releases. For our airline customers, the holidays always deliver a surge both in passengers and website/mobile app usage.

ScaleArc wanted to understand how downtime or poor performance on those sites or apps affects travelers, so we surveyed 1008 Americans in late November to understand what kinds of problems they’d experienced to date, what fears they had for upcoming issues, and how they responded to poor availability or service on these critical apps.

You can check out the survey highlights in this infographic. Amongst the findings:

  • 33% have experienced airline booking sites running slowly or going down in the past year
    • 9% say they’ve seen these apps be slow or down more times than they could count
  • 68% admit to taking retaliatory action when they’re frustrated by slow apps
    • 31% book through a different site
    • 17% fly with a competitor
    • 9% said they might never fly with that airline again
  • 42 % said airline database downtime would negatively impact their holiday
    • 21% fear time with loved ones will be cut short
    • 19% are worried they might miss spending holidays with loved ones altogether
    • 18% are concerned they’d suffer flight delays

Millennials voiced the greatest concern about their reliance on airline sites and apps for getting home for the holidays. Here’s how different age groups responded to the question “how important is an airline’s site or mobile app for ensuring a happy holiday with your family?”

  • Millennials (18-34 year-olds): 56%
  • Gen Xers (35-44 year-olds): 48%
  • Baby Boomers (45-64 year-olds): 50%
  • Seniors (adults 65+): 37%

Virgin America took steps a couple years ago to improve uptime and performance for its online ticketing app. As airlines prep for the surge in travelers, we’re all hoping it’s not the database that causes any traveling delays. We here at ScaleArc wish you and yours safe travels wherever the holidays take you this year.

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