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blog image “Getting this award is quite the honor – you guys made me look good!” So says our latest Uptime Hero, Michael Atkins, director of IT operations for DealerSocket. But he’s got it backwards – he and his team make ScaleArc look good, leveraging our software to deliver 99.999 uptime, as he shared in his video. 

Talking with customers like Michael about their successes – and what that success means to their own customers – is my favorite part of the job. Michael and his team run a global customer lifecycle management platform for auto dealers across the globe. “If we’re not running, our dealers’ businesses aren’t running.”

It’s simple – make sure the DealerSocket SaaS platform stay up. All the time. Despite database outages, and despite maintenance windows. OK – not so simple.

Despite the challenge, Michael and his team have done just that, using a combination of ScaleArc and Modern SQL Server to deliver the capacity, failover capabilities, and faster performance needed to keep pace. As Michael shared in their case study, “We’ve had database outages, and thanks to ScaleArc, our dealers have never noticed it.”

Because DealerSocket’s customers are all over the globe, the timing available for maintenance windows had shrunk to just two hours, in the middle of the night on weekends. Now with ScaleArc, DealerSocket can do maintenance on database servers in the middle of the day – any day – and customers will never see it. The company is also using ScaleArc’s caching capabilities to drive up application performance.

For upgrading their data tier for scale out, high resilience, and faster application times, we’re proud to name Michael our latest Uptime Hero. Do you know an Uptime Hero? Nominate him or her! We love to share uptime success stories like these.

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