Doubling Down on Microsoft

blog imageSpending last week at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) was a total rush for us here at ScaleArc. We had dozens of meetings with Microsoft execs, as well as sellers from across the country, and the awesome combination of SQL Server + ScaleArc just keeps getting better.

Microsoft outlined several key goals for its work with partners for the new fiscal year, which just began. Hearing all these goals and initiatives shows ScaleArc – just named Microsoft Partner of the Year Finalist for Data Platform – is the perfect fit. 

In what areas do we line up?

Azure adoption: ScaleArc makes it easier for Microsoft customers to move database workloads into Azure, for SQL Server, MySQL, and Oracle databases. Typically, customers need to retool apps to run on the smaller database instances in the cloud, but they can avoid that recoding work – saving time and money – with ScaleArc.

SQL modernization: ScaleArc lets customers tap into the power of Modern SQL without writing a single line of code. Getting apps to take advantage of AlwaysOn has been a big challenge, since they have to be reprogrammed with read-intent strings. ScaleArc avoids that cost and delay as well.

Oracle displacement: ScaleArc’s software, front-ending SQL Server, enables as good or better reliability than Oracle RAC does – and at a fraction of the cost. With ScaleArc, when a database has to failover to a new primary server, our software buffers database traffic and then sends it along when the new primary server is ready. This architecture avoids the app errors that typically cause apps to hang. Together, ScaleArc and SQL Server deliver app-transparent failover.

In addition to working with Microsoft sellers in all these areas, Satya’s keynote made clear that another Microsoft priority for this coming year is increasing the Partner-to-Partner joint selling. We spent a lot of time at WPC talking to Microsoft SIs including Persistent, Wipro, Pragmatic Works, and SolidQ. These partners all have services focused on the same initiatives, so our alignment is spot on.

MGX, S4, TechReady, and District kick-offs – here we come! July is Microsoft Month here at ScaleArc – bring it on!

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