More Accolades for ScaleArc: “Most Innovative IT Software”

Blog image ScaleArc has done it again, with its software taking Gold in the 12th Annual 2017 IT World Awards. The company announced today that its software for Amazon Aurora took top honors in the Most Innovative IT Software category. 

As more enterprises embrace cloud and hybrid deployments, they’re realizing that along with the elasticity and flexibility of cloud comes some unique challenges. The ScaleArc software mitigates these cloud challenges to improve the uptime and performance of apps in hybrid/cloud and on-prem environments.

The Amazon Aurora version of the ScaleArc software enables app-transparent failover, zero downtime maintenance, and faster throughput – all with no code changes to the application. This functionality enhances the capabilities of the Aurora PaaS offering.

The IT World Award draws on industry and peer recognition to determine its winners, and we’re proud to have our software – which enables unparalleled business continuity – honored with this recognition. As our CEO commented, the award “salutes the achievements of both our exemplary team here at ScaleArc and our valued customers, who inspire us every day.”

Congrats to the entire ScaleArc team!

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