Acceleration Adoption of Azure SQL Database

Blog image The ScaleArc partnership with Microsoft just got even cozier, as today we announced we’ve integrated our software with Azure SQL Database. ScaleArc’s long enjoyed a tight partnership with Microsoft, as we help SQL Server – in the cloud and on prem – provide apps with better uptime and performance. Extending those benefits to Microsoft’s DBaaS offering is just the next logical step.

What’s it mean to DBaaS customers? They can take advantage of the flexibility and simplicity of Azure SQL Database with no application code changes. So customers can jump straight from on prem to DBaaS – bypassing the IaaS step all together if they want.

Our software, acting as an abstraction layer between apps and databases, lets applications tap into underlying database functionality – such as scale out or failover – without programming database logic into the app. So they can move existing apps into Azure much faster. Our software also helps with new app development too, since developers can also skip all that programming work to build database logic into the app.

Microsoft supported our news release today, noting:

“When partners like ScaleArc enhance their software to support Microsoft Azure SQL Database, our customers gain access to a broader solution set on the platform. ScaleArc makes it easier for our customers to run database workloads on Azure SQL Database, extending the flexibility and simplicity of our platform to more applications.”

Our support for Azure SQL Database means customers can:

  • auto scale out with no code changes
  • improve app uptime
  • accelerate application performance
  • eliminate app impact from transient errors
  • avoid downtime during Azure SQL Database maintenance

Check out our press release to get all the details on how we do our magic, and you can also learn more about how our software augments Azure IaaS and PaaS offerings in our Technical Brief on ScaleArc and Azure.

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