“ScaleArc gave us instant and transparent caching that immediately boosted the performance of our ad network. ScaleArc also saved us from investing in more hardware to alleviate the stress that web apps were putting on our SQL Server infrastructure.”
-- James Gloster, VP of technology and telephony at BlogTalkRadio

BlogTalkRadio Selects ScaleArc to Increase Performance of its Ad Serving Application

To ensure peak performance of its ad network, BlogTalkRadio needed to scale its infrastructure and produce more input/output operations per second (IOPS). BlogTalkRadio decided to upgrade to an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) on the Amazon Elastic Cloud Computer (EC2) service and required a solution to guarantee database performance.


  • Optimize infrastructure to serve growing ad impressions
  • Bottlenecks and poor performance limiting potential ad revenue
  • Lack of understanding into database load and how to best scale infrastructure

BlogTalkRadio deployed ScaleArc for SQL Server to:

  • Provide transparent caching in front of its ad server to handle increased traffic demand
  • Boost performance, increasing its ability to handle more queries, serve more ads, and generate more revenue
  • Leverage real-time analytics for increased visibility into SQL traffic to improve application performance

Following the initial deployment, BlogTalkRadio implemented ScaleArc in the cloud to cache read-only queries from Amazon EC2 to database servers in a secondary on-premise data center.


  • Reduced database load serving 80% to 90% of traffic from cache without delays
  • Increased query capacity to serve more ads faster for higher revenue
  • Enabled full cloud performance deploying ScaleArc transparently in AWS in less than 30 minutes
  • Lowered CPU consumption and I/O eliminating ‘hot’ boxes and improving SQL Server performance



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SQL Server