“We knew the increased visibility [on Shark Tank] would be great for business but would be a major body blow to our website. ScaleArc came through when it counted, enabling us to accommodate a massive amount of traffic. In the end we brought in revenues that were 5x what we would have received from the show."
-- Diamond Dallas Page, former WCW heavyweight champion and founder of DDP YOGA

ScaleArc Helps DDP Yoga Ride the Wave of the Shark Tank Effect

When DDP YOGA was invited to participate in ABC’s The Shark Tank, the company knew that the increased visibility from the show would spike demand for DDP YOGA’s fitness system beyond their website’s current capacity.


  • Manage the Shark Tank effect, with an anticipated huge boost in website traffic
  • Scale web servers from 3 to 20 to handle traffic spikes
  • Keep site up and running during onslaught of traffic through separate airings of the show across all time zones
  • Manage sustained traffic after increase in popularity

Within 24 hours, cloud provider Rackspace and ScaleArc worked together to:

  • Design a web architecture that comprised 25 8 GB Rackspace Performance Cloud Servers, four 8 GB Performance Cloud Servers, and two 30 GB Performance Cloud Servers
  • Deploy ScaleArc's database load balancing software, inserted transparently between the database and web application, to ensure DDP YOGA's MySQL database could handle the increased traffic flow

After working with ScaleArc and Rackspace, DDP YOGA was able to experience:

  • Zero downtime on its website despite a traffic boost of 3000%
  • Record revenues with sales increasing 2000 fold
  • Better performance with ScaleArc able to cache 30% of the queries – with no app changes
  • Instant scalability that allowed the company to handle the bursts in traffic such as those driven by the Shark Tank appearance and other marketing activities by Diamond Dallas Page



DDP Yoga provides a fitness system designed to improve strength and flexibility for both athletes and non-athletes alike.

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