“We had instances of database failover during business hours and no customers noticed. That is huge for us.”
– Michael Atkins, IT operations, DealerSocket

DealerSocket SaaS Platform Uses ScaleArc to Shift Customers into High Gear

DealerSocket empowers more than 10,000 automotive dealerships, encompassing 300,000 active users in the United States, Canada, and Australia. DealerSocket’s advanced SaaS platform provides benchmarking data that paces the industry, identifies sales trends, and develops strategic roadmaps that help dealers optimize processes and operate more profitably.

Over the past few years, DealerSocket’s customer base has been growing, and given the worldwide locations of the auto dealers on DealerSocket’s platform, there’s no time for downtime. “We have almost no window of time where we can do maintenance,” notes Atkins. The infrastructure was having a difficult time keeping up with the growth, and customers felt the pain of some system outages. Atkins needed a way to deliver much higher SLAs.


  • Incorporate high availability (HA) into the infrastructure, including better ways of handling database failover
  • Deliver non-stop operations and eliminate planned downtime, such as maintenance windows



  • Leverage AlwaysOn and scale out without code changes
  • App-transparent failover makes database failovers invisible to customers
  • Zero downtime maintenance enables immediate security patching with no customer impact
  • Caching, with no app changes, improves SaaS platform performance




DealerSocket is a leading SaaS platform for auto dealerships in the United States, Canada, and Australia. Dealers use the system to improve profitability through a fully integrated suite of marketing, sales, service, customer experience, dealer management system (DMS), data mining, and inventory management solutions.

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