eCommerce Case Study

“Along with improving uptime and performance, ScaleArc also speeds development because we don’t have to code HA into the apps.”
– Operations Architect

ScaleArc Helps Global IT Technology Company Achieve Zero Downtime on eCommerce site

In preparation for Black Friday 2013, the operations team supporting this company’s eCommerce site sought a solution that could handle the onslaught of consumer web traffic while maintaining high availability and performance. In particular, the team was eager to increase the uptime, scalability, and throughput of the SQL Server deployment supporting the website.


  • Handle 10x traffic for Black Friday and holiday season
  • Avoid downtime during maintenance of the database tier
  • Ensure continuous availability during database infrastructure changes
  • Leverage AlwaysOn capabilities with no application changes

  • After discussing with Microsoft alternatives for Availability Groups using DNS, the operations team turned to ScaleArc’s database load balancing software. The team selected, tested, and deployed ScaleArc’s software within 6 weeks, well in advance of the Black Friday deadline.


  • Delivers 100% uptime despite significant traffic surges
  • Provides 3x to 5x query read capacity increase
  • Supports scale out using AlwaysOn without updating the website code, using automatic read/write split
  • Enables zero downtime of applications during database patching or maintenance
  • Leveraged analytics to identify “problem” queries creating an unnecessary load on the database
  • Industry: 

    IT Technology


    A multinational computer technology company that sells a broad range of IT products to consumers and enterprises.

    Database type: SQL Server 2012