Enable Healthcare, Inc. (EHI)

“After witnessing ScaleArc in action in our own environment, within minutes we were completely blown away by the idea of being able to manage a dramatic growth in data volumes without touching our databases or modifying a single line of application code.”
--Indraneel Shah, founder and CTO, HyperWiser (advisor to EHI)

HyperWiser Prescribes ScaleArc for MySQL to Cure Enable Healthcare's Growing Pains

Facing high growth and increased demand for its electronic health record solution, EHI knew that they needed to prepare their IT infrastructure to keep pace with record demand. Because patient confidentiality is of utmost concern, they also needed a solution that could also ensure the security of confidential patient records.


EHI contacted IT solution provider HyperWiser for advice on the best solution for ensuring that EHI's patient-critical health records application could pace with demand. EHI wanted a solution that would help them to:

  • Scale their existing infrastructure to manage growth from more than 40,000 patient records to one million within 12-18 months
  • Find a solution that could be rapidly deployed without disrupting service and with little or no change to its existing infrastructure and application
  • Ensure the security of patients' critical data in adherence to HIPPA standards
  • Provide continuous availability since system downtime could seriously jeopardize access and critical updates to patient data

HyperWiser determined that EHI needed database load balancing software to help address these challenges, and EHI deployed ScaleArc for MySQL.


EHI leveraged ScaleArc for MySQL to:

  • Scale the database infrastructure to manage dramatic growth in volume without touching a single line of application code
  • Leverage SQL query filtering to ensure that no more than 10 patients’ worth of data is ever released to the database
  • Act as an application-layer firewall to provide added security more easily than adding an actual application firewall, which would require changes in the app and web server
  • Ensure continuous availability by taking advantage of ScaleArc’s auto failover capabilities
  • Provide real-time actionable analytics that would provide EHI with instant troubleshooting capabilities as well as the ability to control application behavior from outside the application


  • Scaled performance 20x to support more than a million patient records without any hardware upgrades or application modification
  • Achieved zero downtime for electronic health record solution with automated database failover
  • Ensured the compliance and security of sensitive patient data by adding SQL-level query filtering to block unapproved SQL query patterns 
  • Increased visibility with real-time analytics that reduced EHI’s troubleshooting times significantly and prevented performance issues.
  • Provided ease of use and simple deployment with an “out of the box” solution that could be deployed quickly to avoid disruption to EHI’s services



EHI delivers a comprehensive, web-based Electronic Health Record solution that enables ambulatory care physicians and clinical staff to schedule and manage patient appointments, document patient encounters, streamline clinical workflow, scan paper records, connect to labs and pharmacies, and other healthcare services.

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