Financial Services Case Study

“With ScaleArc, I am able to work smarter – not harder. A process that would have taken 3-4 hours
now takes minutes.”
--Director of Data Services at Financial Services Company

Financial Services Company Banks on ScaleArc to Ensure the Availability of its Online Credit Services

The company sought a solution that could help them improve and ensure business continuity. After considering a couple of different options, the staff knew they wanted a solution that would not only streamline their failover processes but also instill confidence they could keep their services online even in the event of a database server failure.

“Ensuring uptime – that is the one thing that will keep any DBA up at night,” says the company director of data services. To support its credit application and website, the company had been using SQL Server’s AlwaysOn Availability Groups to provide continuous availability and ensure failover for its SQL Server 2012 environment.


  • Enable failover capabilities to ensure business continuity and zero downtime
  • Automate and reduce the time required to perform system and application upgrades
  • Optimize performance in the company’s SQL Server 2012 environment
  • Reduce time spent finding and troubleshooting data issues


The company deployed ScaleArc for SQL Server to:

  • Deliver continuous availability of its consumer-facing credit services with automatic failover
  • Provide a migration path to SQL Server 2014 and multi-data center DR
  • Leverage analytics to highlight issues and troubleshoot queries before performance is impacted


After deploying ScaleArc, the company is able to experience:

  • Zero Downtime – ScaleArc’s auto failover capabilities ensure continuous uptime for both the website and application. Higher availability translates into online transactions completed and increased customer satisfaction.
  • Increased Visibility – Real-time analytics provide significant insights into queries, enabling the company to determine issues and trends that impact performance.
  • Ease of Use and Deployment – ScaleArc’s database load balancing capabilities ensure a seamless and smooth upgrade path to new database versions and capabilities


Financial Services


Financial services company offers innovative online credit solutions. The company is committed to rewarding borrowers’ good financial behavior with features like lower interest rates, free financial training, and free credit monitoring.

Database Type:
SQL Server 2012