“ScaleArc has allowed us to drastically simplify our IT architecture and enabled us to develop our games faster. With ScaleArc, we don’t have to touch the applications, and we get enormous benefits of scale.”
-- John Todd, senior director of operations, KIXEYE.

KIXEYE Achieves 10X Database Scalability and Performance with ScaleArc

To meet growing global demand for its online games, KIXEYE needed a solution to scale its IT infrastructure, while ensuring 99.9% uptime for superior game performance and a positive user experience. KIXEYE also wanted to make it faster and simpler to pinpoint problem queries and take action to solve them.


  • Source code modification causing unacceptable game downtime and consuming application development time
  • A growing number of MySQL databases, with larger and more cumbersome tables
  • SQL connection surges causing system interruptions
  • Inability to quickly and easily determine effects of new game changes on applications and databases


KIXEYE leveraged ScaleArc for MySQL to:

  • Leverage SQL connection pooling to immediately increase uptime for KIXEYE’s 29 MySQL servers and eliminate SQL connection surges causing outages.
  • Take advantage of ScaleArc’s read/write split capability for horizontal scaling of its MySQL cluster, enabling slaves to be used for reads and offloading master servers.
  • Obtain 360-degree visibility into every MySQL server to enable instant troubleshooting and identification of bottlenecks impacting game performance – turning a manual and time-consuming process into a ‘one-click’ solution.


  • Scaled performance 10x going from 300 million to 3 billion queries per day without any hardware upgrades or application modification
  • Lowered troubleshooting times from hours to minutes through real-time insights into queries
  • Enabled faster game development with ability to quickly assess impact of application and database changes
  • Achieved zero game downtime with automated database failover
  • Reduced costs by eliminating headcount for log collection and analysis 


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KIXEYE is a leading online social gaming company whose popular titles include Battle Pirates and War Commander.

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