“We initially evaluated ScaleArc’s software for high availability, but we soon discovered we could use ScaleArc to perform maintenance updates without taking our applications offline. What used to take 20 steps at 2 in the morning now can be done in minutes during the day."
-- Matthew Zeier, director of operations at Lookout

Lookout Sets its Sights on ScaleArc to Ensure the Availability and Performance of its Mobile Security Applications

As a leading mobile security company to more than 50 million individuals and the world’s largest mobile operators, Lookout cannot afford to have its suite of mobile security products and applications unavailable to its customers.  Recognizing that the database is often the source of application downtime, Lookout needed a solution to ensure the availability and performance of its database infrastructure without requiring any time-consuming application changes or costly hardware upgrades.


Lookout wanted a database load balancing solution that could help them:

  • Maintain availability for the hundreds of databases that support Lookout's suite of applications
  • Make updates to the company's database infrastructure without performing complicated procedures or requiring manual intervention
  • Provide “out of the box” integration with existing replication schemes such as Galera Cluster for MySQL


Lookout deployed ScaleArc for MySQL transparently between the database tier and Lookout’s mobile security applications to enable:

  • Zero downtime maintenance for continuous app availability during routine update procedures
  • Ease of use by tapping into ScaleArc's transparent deployment capabilities and point-and-click features for adding nodes or allocating master/slaves
  • Out-of the-box integration with other MySQL technologies


  • Zero downtime for apps with Lookout able to make regular maintenance updates and infrastructure changes while keeping its hundreds of databases continuously up and running
  • Better performance with caching 30% of queries, increasing application responsiveness and availability
  • Instant scalability with no code changes, enabling Lookout to support its growing customer base



Lookout is the leading provider of mobile security for individuals and enterprises everywhere.  Lookout is the mobile security company that keeps people and companies safe from mobile threats. Lookout combines a real-time view of the world’s mobile data with powerful machine intelligence to continuously identify, analyze, predict, and eliminate every mobile threat. 

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