"With ScaleArc, I bought myself a lot of time before I have to think about changing database platform."
- Darrin Connor, CTO, PensionPro

PensionPro Optimizes and Scales Database Performance with ScaleArc

PensionPro is a small shop delivering big products via a SaaS approach in the cloud, and it’s catching on. As the customer base continues to grow quickly, there was an internal concern that the database would not keep up. CTO Darrin Connor discovered ScaleArc at the Rackspace Solve Conference and immediately engaged the team to help him scale out the PensionPro database capacity and capabilities.

Working in lock-step with ScaleArc professional services, PensionPro implemented a caching solution that required no changes to the existing application or database servers, and did not require any development effort to realize the performance benefits of caching. ScaleArc’s SQL caching is an agentless approach that uses an in-memory key-value store (i.e., a NoSQL database) to store repetitive query responses, providing fast response to subsequent matching queries.


  • Fast-growing customer base is beginning to outstrip database capacity and capabilities
  • Small IT team has limited cycles to manage upgrades to ontinually maintain the database server infrastructure


  • Zero downtime for apps through integration with SQL Server 2012 AlwaysOn for continuous availability
  • Better performance with caching, decreasing server load by 80% Instant scalability with no code changes, enabling PensionPro to upport its growing customer base
  • Reduced number of connections to the server by more than half with connection management and multiplexing


  • Scale current database server infrastructure to handle data and customer growth
  • Maintain and upgrade services with zero application downtime
  • Ease in deployment and maintenance frees up IT resources to work on strategic projects



PensionPro Software is an inclusive system that tracks workflow across clients, departments, and geographies to optimize the way third party administrators TPA) manage pension plans.

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SQL Server