“ScaleArc has allowed us to intelligently load balance our multi-tenant database traffic hosted on Amazon’s Cloud with absolutely zero downtime. As important to us was that we were able to do all this and to scale the infrastructure all without code changes to our app."
Hayes Drumwright, Co-Founder and CEO POPin, Inc.

POPin Solves Scalability Challenges Quickly and Consistently with ScaleArc

POPin is a crowd solving platform that drives success for a company’s initiatives through the intimate engagement of its employees, partners and clients. 

POPin launched with fast and furious popularity. As customer numbers surged, the initial product architecture could not keep up with the demand for scale. POPin's small engineering team needed to rapidly solve its escalating database scaling and performance problems without incurring down time or spending significant time reworking the architecture.


• Identify and address specific database related performance problems and bottlenecks 
• Provide database redundancy, load balancing and failover  
• Ease the transition from a monolithic server architecture to an Amazon hosted, scalable, distributed, redundant systems while minimizing down time   
• Work seamlessly in the Amazon cloud


The engineering team was able to bring ScaleArc online within half an hour. This included migrating the single embedded MySQL database into an Amazon RDS cluster including a read/write RDS MySQL instance and multiple read only instances. This immediately solved the most pressing performance problems. It also achieved the secondary goal of providing a level of redundancy and failover.


As the team continues to transition to a micro service, multi-region, high availability architecture, ScaleArc inherently provides the necessary scaling, redundancy, distribution and availability behavior without requiring changes to the POPin platform.


POPin, Inc.



The POPin platform provides mobile and web based tools that create limited duration micro social networks around a single question within an organization. This allows leaders to tap into the organizational brain to allowing them to stop making decisions in a vacuum and push accountability through the whole organization.

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