SaaS Case Study

“ScaleArc is the only solution that provides automatic failover by handling both replication and client
-- VP of Development and Technologies

Technical Services Company Taps ScaleArc to Ensure the Availability and Performance of its Field Services Management Platform

Over the last year, the company has experienced record growth, with new technicians coming into the system every day. It partners with its clients to select, vet and hire technicians through the field services platform. With a focus on high field service quality and lowest total cost of service, the company has developed its systems and processes to ensure the highest level of client satisfaction.

Given the nature of its business, ensuring the availability and performance of the online system is a top priority. “The platform is the whole company,” says the company’s VP of development and technologies. “If we don’t have the app running, we’re out of business.” The team needed a solution that could improve uptime and scale the site’s performance and integrate easily with existing infrastructure without requiring database or application changes. They also wanted to make changes to the database infrastructure without any downtime.


  • Ensure the continuous availability of the company’s online field services platform with automatic processes and no application modifications
  • Optimize the reliability and performance of the company’s MySQL database environment
  • Identify redundant queries to optimize performance
  • Ensure ease of use and deployment and seamless integration with company’s existing database infrastructure


The company deployed ScaleArc for MySQL to:

  • Deliver continuous availability of its field services management platform with automatic failover
  • Boost performance, increasing its ability to handle more queries, process more orders, and generate more business
  • Leverage real-time analytics for increased visibility into MySQL traffic to improve application performance

After deploying ScaleArc, the company is able to experience:
  • Zero Downtime – ScaleArc’s auto failover capabilities ensure continuous uptime for the company’s work order application. Higher availability translates into increased business volume and improved client satisfaction
  • Increased Performance – Read/write split enables the company to turn idle secondaries into active servers, and real-time analytics identify queries to fix that are impacting performance
  • Ease of Use and Deployment – ScaleArc’s database load balancing capabilities ensure a seamless and smooth upgrade path to new database versions and capabilities




Leading technical services company provides contingent field service resources that serve the technology industry.

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