“ScaleArc allows us to deal with unanticipated load without buying more capacity. Ultimately it saves us money and reduces our risk profile.”
— John Dohm, CTO

Sixgill Taps ScaleArc to Keep Sensor Data Flowing During Peak Events

Sixgill’s mobile proximity platform allows its customers to acquire, analyze and act on sensor-generated data so they can deliver timely and location-based alerts, offers, and messages.

The company’s sensor intelligence engine can be used to track people and things anywhere in the world via a cloud dashboard, identify and manage risk through automated, context-specific messaging, and enable developers to quickly create and deploy enterprise-scale proximity solutions integrated with external enterprise systems and software.

Business Challenge:

The team runs its platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS) because they can leverage AWS’ distributed architecture and elastic capacity to perform massive data ingestion. And while there’s a “button you can push” to scale compute in the cloud, there’s no such button for scaling the database. On large projects, requests for the database would queue up, sometimes forcing the whole system to time out.

Results with ScaleArc:

  • Integration with AWS and MySQL
  • Increased scalability – ScaleArc supports more customers on the same architecture, resulting in reduced operating costs – savings Sixgill has passed on to its customers – and better customer service
  • Database query load balancing, traffic surge protection, and app-transparent failover for better uptime and performance
  • App-transparent failover for high availability across AWS zones



Sixgill builds uniform, smart process automation software services allowing any organization to acquire, analyze and act on its sensor-generated data.

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