“We have exponentially growing patient data and zero tolerance for downtime. The ScaleArc software enables my team to handle our hypergrowth while maintaining continuous availability.”
– Joe Khan, CIO, Spectocor

Spectocor Delivers Zero Downtime for Cardiac Monitoring App

Spectocor is an industry leader in advanced telemedicine, leveraging Internet of Things (IoT) technology to provide cardiac monitoring. Spectocor works with cardiologists who prescribe Spectocor mobile monitoring devices that capture and report every patient heartbeat during the monitoring period. The devices relay this data to Spectocor’s systems, where a combination of algorithmic applications and teams of EKG technicians analyze the data to build highly detailed, comprehensive reports. These reports focus on exception data, enabling physicians to quickly identify patients that need immediate attention.

As a result of the sophisticated data analysis demanded for this cardiac monitoring, Spectocor is as much a software development company as a healthcare company, so CIO Joe Khan makes it a priority to leverage innovative technologies that allow the company to stay ahead of its industry peers.

Machine learning and data scientists are an increasingly critical component of Spectocor’s service offering. Khan notes that agility and scalability at the data tier is essential to Spectocor’s success as an IoT healthcare services provider.


To handle its ever-growing data set, Spectocor relies on scaled out database infrastructure, running SQL Server 2014 with AlwaysOn. The company has deployed SQL Server across multiple data centers and needs data to be served by the location closest to the inquiring doctor. As part of its on-going investment in more agile infrastructure, Spectocor runs its database and other services as a private cloud architecture.

The company is enjoying very high growth and has the following business needs:

• Scale infrastructure to handle 300% to 400% growth year over year
• Deliver zero downtime for its cardiac monitoring application
• Focus application development resources on new functionality and lines of business rather than database optimization
• Adopt technologies that fit within the private cloud architecture, including the ability to support rapid deployment with no disruption to service
• Adhere to HIPAA compliance for patient data


• Deliver zero downtime during database failover, by queueing inbound queries until the database is ready to take traffic again
• Deliver zero downtime during maintenance, by routing around servers that are marked offline for patching or other updates
• Provide cross-data center failover
• Deliver geo-aware load balancing
• Get instant troubleshooting capabilities through ScaleArc’s real-time actionable analytics
• Scale the database infrastructure to manage dramatic growth in volume without changing existing application code and simplifying development of new applications


Performance Improvement Scaled performance to support billions of patient records without any hardware upgrades or application modifications
Zero Downtime - Achieved zero downtime for cardiac monitoring solution with app-transparent database failover and zero downtime maintenance 
Regulatory Compliance - Ensured HIPAA regulatory compliance and security of sensitive patient data
Visibility and Analytics - Increased visibility with real-time analytics to reduce troubleshooting times significantly and prevent performance issues.



Spectocor provides industry-leading advanced heart monitoring products and detailed report services. Spectocor works with cardiac physicians to deliver a higher standard of medical insights, ultimately yielding a better patient experience and outcome.

Database Type:
SQL Server 2014