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"ScaleArc and Rackspace came through for us when it counted, enabling us to accommodate a massive amount of traffic. In the end, we brought in revenues that were 5x what we would have received from the investors on the show."
Diamond Dallas Page, former WCW Heavyweight Champion and Founder of DDP YOGA.


In anticipation of record website traffic and demand following an appearance on ABC's Shark Tank, DDP YOGA selected ScaleArc to manage the availability and performance of the DDP YOGA website. Together with the cloud provider Rackspace, ScaleArc's database traffic management software helped the company manage a 3000% boost in website traffic and 2000x spike in sales transactions. » More

"Scalearc iDB is a rock-solid product. Not only did it give us instant caching that boosted the performance of our ad network, it also saved us from investing in more hardware to alleviate the stress that the Web applications put on our SQL Server infrastructure ."
James Gloster, VP of Technology and Telephony, BlogTalkRadio


BlogTalkRadio selects ScaleArc iDB to speed performance of their ad serving application by optimizing and accelerating SQL Server for their Amazon EC2 deployment. » More

"Deploying ScaleArc iDB within Amazon was an obvious call, as it allowed our devops to focus on functionality while simultaneously improving uptime, solving capacity challenges and more than doubling read performance of the RDS environment."
Aaron Lee, CTO, DriveDev


DriveDev is an operations consulting firm that provides DevOps-as-a-Service for large enterprises, start-ups and gaming companies. DriveDev was commissioned by the developer of one of the world's all-time best selling first-person shooter games to support the launch of a social network for the release of a billion-dollar game title in November 2012. The game's social network was hosted on the Amazon » More

"ScaleArc solved our database scalability, performance and visibility issues instantly without touching our applications or our databases. We generate more revenue with ScaleArc and the ROI is incredibly short"
Craig Thayer, Vice President, Sazze


Sazze deployed ScaleArc iDB for database scalability, higher availability and real-time analytics. Sazze also added Percona XtraDB Cluster for replication and high availability for MySQL database servers. Together the combination of these technologies achieved 100% uptime during Black Friday and tripled the amount of e-commerce transactions from the previous year. » More

"With iDB, we are able to serve more ad impressions to enable greater revenues for BlogTalkRadio" [a Cinchcast-powered media property].
Dr. Aleksandr Yampolskiy, CTO, Cinchcast


Cinchcast chose the iDB for MS SQL database infrastructure solution from ScaleArc. Using iDB for MS SQL, Cinchcast is able to serve up ad banners to its customers despite large (and growing) numbers of concurrent users. Switching to a different enterprise ad serving provider would have involved at least a month of engineering work. » More

"ScaleArc iDB gave us an easy shortcut to split reads and writes, which increased the performance of our sites immediately."
Chet Rungruang, Sr. Director of IT, SpinMedia
spin media (website logo)


SpinMedia selects ScaleArc to eliminate site outages, speed performance of WordPress-based websites, and give WordPress application developers deep insight into SQL traffic to optimize queries » More

"With iDB, we don't have to touch the games and we get enormous benefits of scale"
John Todd, Director of Operations, KIXEYE


KIXEYE is a leader in competitive online strategy games and needs to scale its infrastructure-on-demand while maintaining 99.999% uptime. Its growth led to a proliferation of larger and more cumbersome databases and changing database architecture. KIXEYE chose ScaleArc iDB in order to scale database capacity and performance without any modifications. » More

"ScaleArc iDB reduced the load on our database servers by about 40%, which allows us to scale our database infrastructure without investing in additional hardware."
Prabakaran Murugaiah, Founder & CEO, TechFetch


TechFetch "hires" ScaleArc to scale SQL Server for growth, improve database uptime, and provide deep real-time analytics to pinpoint slow queries and improve application performance. » More

"iDB solves five major database problems within a single appliance, which is really what attracted us to this solution"
Indraneel Shah, Founder and CTO, HyperWiser, Inc.

Enable Health Care

Following a live demo, EHI chose to test the ScaleArc iDB solution within its Windows-based IaaS architecture using a MySQL backend. EHI's development team specially liked iDB for its real-time, actionable analytics, which allows instant troubleshooting as well as the ability to control application behavior from outside the application, an important benefit when working with packaged applications. » More

"ScaleArc solved my scalability issues without touching my applications or my databases"
Matt Orr, CIO, Weather Decision Technologies

Weather Decision Technologies

WDT was looking at a multi-year, complete re-write of its applications until it selected ScaleArc iDB, which allowed WDT to solve multiple pain points without requiring any re-coding of existing applications, or modifications to existing MySQL databases. » More

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