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The Shark Tank Effect

DDP YOGA taps ScaleArc to manage record demand amidst a 3000% boost in website traffic

Customer Spotlight: DDP YOGA

BlogTalkRadio with ScaleArc

Leveraged cache for 60% database offload to serve ads faster, boosting revenue

Customer Spotlight: BlogTalkRadio

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ScaleArc customers are diverse but their problems are all too common - how do they keep the applications that are critical to their business up and performing at a high level, no matter what the situation? Whether experiencing a spike in traffic, performing a simple maintenance task, or making a change to their database environment, our customers expect their apps to be available to their internal and external constituents - 24x7. So whether you are the world's largest computer manufacturer or a former WWE champion selling your new fitness program, we have the solution for your database environment.

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