Zero Downtime for Financial Apps

Deliver High Availability, Scalability and Resiliency

ScaleArc Benefits Financial Applications

ScaleArc enables financial companies to:

  • Enable zero downtime despite database outages
  • Deliver zero-downtime maintenance for patching on demand
  • Scale apps to serve increasing traffic loads
  • Increase visibility with real-time analytics
  • Enhance security, including encrypting communications with SSL

Zero Downtime for Financial Applications

ScaleArc database load balancing software lets you upgrade your financial services apps to be consumer grade – never down, always fast, scale anywhere – with no code changes. The software transparently delivers the scalability and resiliency you need to meet and exceed your customers' demands for uptime and performance, whether internal or external customers. Leveraging ScaleArc, these applications can transparently deliver massive scalability and availability, app-transparent failover, zero downtime maintenance, and granular analytics.

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