Enabling Zero Downtime for Healthcare Apps

Designing scale and resiliency into the database tier

ScaleArc Benefits Healthcare Applications

ScaleArc’s database load balancing software deploys transparently between healthcare applications and SQL database infrastructure. ScaleArc leverages database replication and failover to deliver continuous availability of applications, and enables healthcare companies to:

  • Scale on demand to keep up with dramatic data growth and traffic surges without touching a single line of application code
  • Support electronic medical record requirements and act as an application-layer firewall to provide added security and confidentiality
  • Operate at 100% uptime with app-transparent database failover, delivering zero downtime for maintenance, upgrades, and security updates
  • Increase performance through read/write split that turns idle secondary servers into active servers
  • Provide real-time actionable analytics for instant troubleshooting capabilities

Spectocor Delivers Zero Downtime
for Cardiac Monitoring App

ScaleArc for MySQL Cures the
Growing Pains for Enable Healthcare

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