Scaling Your SaaS App for Growth

A Proven Architecture for Scale and Resiliency

ScaleArc Benefits a SaaS Approach

ScaleArc enables SaaS companies to:

  • Scale on demand to keep up with growth and traffic surges
  • Deliver excellent user experience to reduce customer churn and to garner customer loyalty
  • Operate at 100% uptime with automatic failover, delivering zero downtime for maintenance, upgrades, and security updates
  • Increase performance through read/write split that turns idle secondary servers into active servers
  • Deploy real-time analytics and reporting to identify queries that are impacting performance

Faster, Simpler, Better SaaS with ScaleArc

ScaleArc provides an ideal solution for SaaS companies by reducing service costs, improving manageability, and increasing service levels. Leveraging ScaleArc, SaaS applications can transparently deliver massive scalability and availability, local data delivery, automatic failover, 100% uptime with zero-downtime maintenance, and granular usage-based billing.

Scaling Your SaaS App for Growth

Demo on Demand

Spectocor Case Study

ScaleArc helps customer scale their infrastructure for business growth

ScaleArc helps PensionPro enable SQL Server 2012 scalability for rapid customer growth

KIXEYE Achieves 10X Database Scalability and Performance with ScaleArc

Tech Services Company Taps ScaleArc to Ensure the Availability and Performance