Uptime Hero Award

Mark Price wins inaugural Uptime Hero award for enabling zero downtime

ScaleArc's Uptime Hero award celebrates IT innovators who deliver continuous app availability despite planned and uplanned
database downtime

The inaugural winner of ScaleArc's quarterly Uptime Hero award is Mark Price, director of Internet operations and architecture for Mouser Electronics, a Bershire Hathaway company. He implemented zero-downtime maintenance, enabled active/active data center operations, and survived a substantial database outage without impacting customer access - or revenue. Congratulations, Mark!

Mark Price (center) and the Internet operations team of Mouser Electronics

Uptime Hero Award for Mouser Electronics Press Release 
Mouser Electronics Case Study 
Uptime Hero Award for Mouser Blog

Are you an Uptime Hero?

ScaleArc's Uptime Hero customer award program celebrates their successes. What makes an Uptime Hero? Someone who has used ScaleArc to:

  • prevent users from suffering app errors during a database failure
  • implement zero-downtime maintenance, improving operations for their company
  • survive a substantial traffic surge without loss of performance for users

Eligibility requirements:

  • in production for six months
  • demonstrated instances of maintaining app uptime despite database failover, leveraging zero-downtime maintenance, or surviving a major traffic surge
  • support for inclusion in ScaleArc PR