Black Friday Preparation for eCommerce

Stay ahead of major website traffic growth, Black Friday peaks, and infrastructure upgrades.

Blog image Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) is the Superbowl of eCommerce. How do you prepare for gameday? In this White Paper we provide a chronological checklist designed to help you hit targets throughout all 12 months so you're ready for extreme scalability and continuous IT operations when Black Friday hits.

A few of the things that are covered include:

December - Postmortem. Review what went wrong, what broke, and what didn’t perform as expected. You may have had to slap some Band-Aids on things during the crush of Black Friday. Now you have to peel them back and find a more permanent solution.

March/April - Build for high availability and resiliency. You want to ensure that your infrastructure can scale beyond your expectations of traffic and incorporates a high availability (HA) strategy that also delivers resiliency in case of server failure – be that web server, app server, or database server.

May/June - Add new features and new technology. If you have major infrastructure or architecture upgrades to do, this is the time. Even if these features and technologies do not apply specifically to Black Friday efforts, you need to get them into play so you know how they affect the entire system.

July - Increase site performance. Rev up the engine that will boost site performance to easily handle Black Friday traffic loads, delivering consistent and excellent customer experience.


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