Dynamic Load Balancing

Optimize SQL traffic management and simplify scale out.

ScaleArc lets you handle very high loads at rapid performance levels within the same data center and across multiple data centers. 

Without any changes at the database or application level, ScaleArc automatically load balances and manages your SQL traffic in a way that ensures:

  • High performance
  • Transactional integrity
  • Application-level control

ScaleArc's dynamic load balancing capabilities include:

  • Response time-based routing - ScaleArc leverages time to first byte to select which server to send queries to, ensuring the highest performance for your apps. This feature enables geo-aware load balancing, which many customers rely on to overcome the lack of support for SQL Server AlwaysOn load balancing.
  • Replication-aware routing - ScaleArc integrates replication awareness with load balancing and SQL flow control, so you can easily specify a replication delay threshold without application changes.
  • Read/write split - ScaleArc transparently supports read/write split, routing all write queries to the primary and read queries to the secondary. As a result, you're able to utilize multiple servers for instant scale out and increased availability.
  • Connection pooling and multiplexing - ScaleArc performs connection pooling and multiplexing, reducing the number of connections to the server and making database access faster through persistent connections to the back end.
  • Surge queue - ScaleArc’s surge queue prevents your database server from becoming overloaded, avoiding downtime due to crashes. You can easily limit or hold load temporarily to reduce application error messages.
  • Query routing and sharding - ScaleArc enables query routing and sharding without any changes to your applications. You can leverage query routing to prevent unintentional production service outages, by sending heavy report queries to a designated server, for example. App-transparent sharding makes it easy to scale writes in a growing environment.