Read/Write Split

Increase app or website performance with no changes to your apps.

Boost performance for read-heavy applications such as eCommerce, content management, or online media with read/write split. 

Simplify database scale out – without fear of crashing – whether you're running  Magento for online sales or WordPress or Drupal for websites and blogs. ScaleArc acts as a full SQL proxy to perform read/write split. Without requiring any application modification, ScaleArc:

  • Automatically identifies which queries are reads and which are writes
  • Transparently routes reads to the secondary and writes to the primary

ScaleArc implements read/write split in a manner that is:

Replication aware

  • ScaleArc monitors database replication lag to ensure that the data from secondary servers is current and that each server’s replication status remains as close to the primary server as possible.
  • ScaleArc lets you set up the appropriate replication lag threshold for your application’s consistency needs.

Transactionally safe

  • ScaleArc preserves transactional integrity because all transactions are executed on the primary from start to end for safe execution of transactions in a read/write split environment.
  • Once a transaction has started, ScaleArc makes certain that queries go to the server on the same connection on which the first statement of the transaction was executed.

Stored procedure aware

  • ScaleArc understands which stored procedures are reads and which are writes, based on the description of the stored procedure within the SQL server.
  • ScaleArc automatically and appropriately splits the load, sending stored procedure read data to the secondary.