ScaleArc for Oracle

ScaleArc for Oracle provides automated failover, zero downtime for apps, ACID-compliant caching, and real-time analytics for Oracle databases. The database load balancing software deploys transparently between your apps and your Oracle database servers, with an ACID-compliant NoSQL cache that dramatically accelerates apps and reduces the burden on your Oracle servers. ScaleArc for Oracle has advanced stateful connection handling to minimize or eliminate application server restarts during database failover.

ScaleArc’s ACID-compliant caching makes it easy to cache objects that cannot tolerate any data inconsistencies, such as shopping carts and user profiles. ScaleArc’s cache is transparent to applications and does not require any changes to the application or database layer.

Real-time analytics provide actionable insights, including highlighting queries that are excellent candidates for caching and enabling a one-click operation to cache queries.

Key Features and Use Cases

  • Support for Oracle 11g with JDBC thin clients
  • Automatic database failover
  • Support for Data Guard, GoldenGate, VCS Clustering and RAC
  • Cross-data center DR
  • ACID-complaint caching for significant performance increase
  • Real-time analytics

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ScaleArc for Oracle

Achieving Zero Downtime for Apps on SQL

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