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ScaleArc iDB Now Available on Amazon AWS Marketplace

SANTA CLARA, CA – September 6, 2012 – ScaleArc, the pioneer in a new category of database infrastructure that accelerates application development by simplifying the way database environments are deployed and managed, today announced that its award-winning iDB for MySQL software is now available on the AWS (Amazon Web Services) Marketplace ( Now, AWS customers can easily find and immediately start using the ScaleArc iDB software to gain greater control over their cloud database infrastructure by increasing the performance, availability and visibility of their database environments.

ScaleArc iDB is a Layer 7 SQL Traffic Engine that inserts transparently between applications and databases and provides instant horizontal scaling of database instances, SQL-aware load balancing and high availability, transparent query caching, real-time logging and analytics of all SQL queries, application acceleration and security – all without requiring any modifications to the applications or databases. ScaleArc iDB can be used for MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server instances hosted on EC2, or with Amazon RDS instances. In addition, ScaleArc iDB can be used for high availability of geographically-dispersed database instances across multiple AWS regions. ScaleArc iDB with Amazon Elastic Load balancing (ELB) can provide for Active/Active clustering of database instances across multiple availability zones (AZ).

With the availability of ScaleArc iDB on the AWS Marketplace, customers can now quickly deploy AWS optimized images of the iDB software on their own Amazon EC2 instance using AWS Marketplace’s 1-Click, or using the AWS Management Console. ScaleArc iDB is deployed on a pay-as-you-go basis and customers pay only for what they use; varied pricing models are available depending upon the EC2/iDB instance type.

“It’s hard to imagine that we once ran our AWS database environment without ScaleArc iDB. It enables us to instantly scale our database capacity and gain real-time insight & visibility into our database environment in a plug-and-play manner,” said Sameer Joshi, Database Manager at eReasoning, developer of the Martjack digital commerce platform.

“iDB is the first of this type of database infrastructure solution available on AWS Marketplace and provides customers with a compelling new way to instantly increase the performance, availability and visibility of their AWS database environment,” said Varun Singh, founder and CEO of ScaleArc. “ScaleArc iDB has been serving AWS customers for over a year and we’re thrilled that iDB is now available on AWS Marketplace.”

With today’s announcement, ScaleArc iDB software brings significant new capabilities to AWS database environments. iDB highlights include:

    • Load Balance & Cluster MySQL Databases – iDB lets AWS customers cluster multiple MySQL or Amazon RDS instances into one database IP, with automatic read-write split.
    • Real-Time SQL Analytics – Customers can instantly find patterns in SQL traffic, find hotspots, poorly performing queries, and fix them in minutes instead of hours.
    • Transparent Query Cache -Customers can easily cache queries or stored procedures in seconds using a pattern match to achieve instant performance improvements of up to 24x with no disruptions to existing environments.
    • Wirespeed SQL Filtering – iDB allows AWS customers to apply SQL filters in one click to block malicious SQL traffic.
    • RESTful API – iDB has a RESTful API allowing for complete automation of iDB management.


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ScaleArc is the pioneer in a new category of database infrastructure software that simplifies the way database environments are deployed and managed, and lowers costs without any changes to applications or databases. Visit us at

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