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What is ScaleArc?

The ScaleArc database traffic management software provides transparent database scalability, improving application availability and performance with no application changes.

ScaleArc supports:


The ScaleArc (formerly iDB) software enables automatic failover with no application interruption

  • Supports continuous database uptime
  • Enables DR between data centers
  • Supports multiple replication architectures
    • For MySQL - Master/Slave, Master/Master and Percona Galera
    • For SQL Server – SQL Server 2012/2014 AlwaysOn
    • Customizable for other architectures
  • Leverages RESTful API

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Gain full visibility into all SQL traffic in real-time and without any performance loss

  • SQL queries / stored procedures patterns with  performance data
  • Heat map graphs highlight troublesome areas quickly
  • Reduce troubleshooting times from days to minutes
  • Actionable analytics to build cache/firewall rules quickly
  • Unlimited historical data  for comprehensive security/performance reporting

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Transparent, agent-less, pattern-based query caching that requires no application modifications

  • Scale-Up with the world’s first SQL-NoSQL hybrid cache
  • Scalable cache size to cope with big databases
  • 6-60x faster than database servers
  • Instantly cache most popular queries with one click using Analytics

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ScaleArc provides Database Clustering, Dynamic Load Balancing and Sharding without any application changes

  • Reduced database downtime with High-Availability
  • Automatic read/write split for instant scale out
  • Authentication offload & Connection pooling
  • Replication aware dynamic load balancing
  • Transparent Query Routing and Sharding
  • Surge Queue protects servers under high load

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High-resolution graphs and event logs provide real-time visibility and critical insights into database performance, transactions and behavior

  • Track and graph all SQL Metrics in one dashboard
  • Access historical data for post-mortem analysis
  • Troubleshoot problems and investigate incidents in seconds
  • Find and fix most infrastructure issues before they become big problems

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Powerful regular expression engine combined with SQL analytics results in a unique SQL Query Firewall

  • SQL analytics identifies SQL injection attacks
  • One click rule additions to SQL firewall
  • Complete SQL Proxy logs *all* queries
  • Alerts on anomalous SQL Queries

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Available for instant deployment and use on all major cloud platforms

  • AWS, Azure, Rackspace, Joyent, Liquid Web Hosting, and others
  • Scale your applications instantly in the Cloud
  • Utility-based pricing models available
  • Completely Multi-Tenant solution for DBaaS

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Provision, configure, edit and automate ScaleArc with RESTful API

  • Restful HTTP API for complete management automation
  • Functions like cache management, server provisioning etc.
  • Integrate ScaleArc into your applications using our comprehensive API
  • Devops-friendly JSON formatted data

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