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Deep SQL Analytics

ScaleArc provides for unparalleled real-time visibility of *all* SQL traffic traversing through production database servers. Our SQL analytics are derived from de-duplicating granular log data. We do not use sampling – all queries are logged and all data is utilized. Our analytics also do not add any performance overhead on the application or the database server. The comprehensive query/stored procedure performance data is charted in a human-readable graph, and we dashboards highlight all frequent-but-slow queries for instant troubleshooting. The ScaleArc software provides much more insight than slow query logs or general logs of the database server because of the de-duplication and centralized real-time logging/visualization of query data in production environments.

  • Centralized de-duplicated human readable reports/graphs real-time
  • Production outages/trouble shooting time is significantly reduced
  • Actionable analytics with instant cache/firewall rules addition
  • Historical data for comprehensive security/performance reporting
  • QA applications from a SQL traffic perspective before going live

SQLAnalytics highlighting Frequent Slow Queries

These frequent-but-slow queries can be immediately added to ScaleArc cache with a single click, to instantly scale and accelerate overall database and application performance.  With ScaleArc’s real-time SQL instrumentation, application developers and DBAs can now get a non-intrusive, performance-centric view of the SQL query load, all with a simple click of the mouse. ScaleArc’s SQL analytics can also be used for auditing the SQL traffic and analyzing performance bottlenecks.


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