Zero Downtime for Apps on SQL

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ScaleArc is joined by Zeus Kerravala for a discussion on eliminating downtime caused by your SQL database.

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More of something is usually good, but not when it comes to downtime for your apps – that’s when zero becomes the hero. Make yourself a hero by eliminating downtime – both planned and unplanned – caused by your SQL database. 

Join leading industry analyst Zeus Kerravala and ScaleArc CTO Varun Singh in a discussion about how to achieve zero downtime for apps. In Part 1 of the Zero Downtime Series – Avoiding Unplanned Downtime, you will learn: 

  • Why the data tier is the last frontier of the software-defined data center 
  • How auto-failover techniques can deliver continuous app availability 
  • How to raise the bar with failover options that avoid application disruption

Webinar Speakers

Zeus Kerravala
Zeus Kerravala  
Founder and Principal Analyst
ZK Research

Varun Singh
Varun Singh 
CTO and Founder