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Webinar: The Top 5 Ways to Scale SQL with no New Hardware

Scale SQL with no new hardware - techniques such as read/write split, caching, and load balancing are among the 5 best ways to scale your SQL database. Learn how eCommerce provider Sazze used these technologies to get ready for Black Friday.

Webinar: 5 Common Gotchas of SQL Server

SQL Server 2012 offers a lot of new compelling functionality, including AlwaysOn replication. But adopting it brings challenges. In this webinar, the experts at SQL Server Pro Magazine discuss the top gotchas and highlight ways ScaleArc can help you avoid the pain and still get to the gain.

Webinar: Achieve 10X+ Database Scalability

In this webinar hosted by AWS, the CTO of DriveDev highlights a customer with an imminent product launch that needed much faster application performance but didn’t have time to modify the application. Improved response time and increased availability drove launch success.

Webinar: Painlessly Scale Your Database

Our guest speaker, Craig Thayer of Sazze, the parent company of, explains how he achieved instantly scalability and better uptime without modifying any applications or databases, leading to the best Black Friday in the company’s history. … » More

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