Cloud and Hybrid Adoption

Succeed with ScaleArc’s simple and reliable approach.

Moving your workload from the premise to the cloud requires careful planning. 

Without shared storage or the ability to migrate IP addresses between machines, traditional, on-premise high availability (HA) methodologies for SQL database failover don’t work in the cloud. And – with less RAM, less CPU, and less storage available – the cloud can reduce performance for each database instance.

ScaleArc solves these problems, ensuring high SQL availability and performance through:

  • Automatic failover in the cloud – delivered transparently across availability zones to instantly and automatically redirect traffic flows, ensuring business continuity and minimizing disruptions
  • Seamless aggregation of capacity across multiple machines – balancing load across very large clusters to support significantly higher loads in the cloud and increase performance

ScaleArc enables you to get more value from your cloud infrastructure, with advanced features that boost availability and performance in the cloud.

Transparently and without application changes, ScaleArc's transparent in-memory query caching lets you cache frequently repeated queries and easily identify queries suitable for caching in the cloud.

Real-time actionable analytics for monitoring and troubleshooting
ScaleArc's real-time analytics provide insight into how your cloud infrastructure is behaving, so you can pinpoint and resolve problems in the cluster faster.

Enabling DBaaS on Private or Hybrid Clouds

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