Black Friday Success: Building for Zero Downtime


Black Friday and Cyber Monday increase the already high expectations for eCommerce performance. Customers, investors, analysts, and the media demand fast service and an excellent user experience, independent of the traffic surges that come on the most grueling eCommerce shopping days of the year.

Whether unplanned or planned, downtime disrupts eCommerce business, especially in the face of traffic surges on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The cost of downtime comes in many forms, including:

  • Terrible headlines
  • Lost customers
  • Lost revenue

For eCommerce companies, system downtime is especially costly. Research shows these companies lose customers not just in the moment of downtime but potentially forever, as they go to other sites and then remain loyal customers of that competitor. On days like Black Friday or Cyber Monday, every second of downtime means lost orders, lost customers, and bad PR. 

In this white paper, we'll discuss steps you can take to keep your Black Friday and Cyber Monday transactions flowing smoothly.

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