Build Cloud-native Apps Faster

ScaleArc accelerates your application development by eliminating the need to code for database logic in your new apps.

Every company today is a software company. Developing new applications, built for cloud and mobile, and quickly iterating on those apps has become fundamental to business success. Beyond basic functionality and query logic, application developers today must also program in database specifics, because applications must be written directly to the database. Developers need to include in the application code details on which database queries should go to which database servers. Any changes in the database must then be reflected in the application code.

ScaleArc simplifies your coding process. Write your apps for functionality, and design effective and efficient queries – but you don’t need to worry about where to direct every query. ScaleArc understands reads vs. writes and automatically routes queries to the fastest performing server in the cluster. ScaleArc will send all writes to the primary or master server, and it will dynamically load balance reads among the readable secondaries, taking into account time to first byte and replication lag.

As you update your database, ScaleArc enables your apps to automatically take advantage of new capabilities in the database. Your code needs to be protocol compliant (we’re good, but we’re not magicians) – but as long as your app can talk to the database, we’ll do the work of intelligently directing database queries across your cluster, taking advantage of advanced functionality like automatic failover and replication.

So use ScaleArc to code less and release faster.

Enabling DBaaS on Private or Hybrid Clouds

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