“Along with improving uptime and performance, ScaleArc also speeds development because we don’t have to code HA into the apps.”
– Justin Roan, IT director, Dell

ScaleArc Helps Dell Achieve Zero Downtime on

In preparation for Black Friday 2013, the operations team supporting sought a solution that could handle the onslaught of consumer web traffic while maintaining high availability and performance. In particular, the team was eager to increase the uptime, scalability, and throughput of the SQL Server deployment supporting the website.

After discussing with Microsoft alternatives for Availability Groups using DNS, the operations team turned to ScaleArc’s database load balancing software. The Dell team selected, tested, and deployed ScaleArc’s software within 6 weeks, well in advance of the Black Friday deadline.


• Handle 10x traffic for Black Friday and holiday season
• Avoid downtime during maintenance of the database tier
• Ensure continuous availability during database infrastructure changes
• Leverage AlwaysOn capabilities with no application changes


• Delivers 100% uptime despite significant traffic surges
• Provides 3x to 5x query read capacity increase
• Supports scale out using AlwaysOn without updating the website code, using   automatic read/write split
• Enables zero downtime of applications during database patching or maintenance
• Leveraged analytics to identify “problem” queries creating an unnecessary load on the database


Zero Downtime Maintenance - ScaleArc enables Dell to eliminate maintenance windows and avoid any application downtime while keeping servers fully up to date with patches. The company is now able to direct traffic to the other database servers in the cluster when one server is taken down for patching, eliminating all downtime. With ScaleArc, maintenance windows are completed 100% of the time – even in the middle of the day.

Scalability and High Performance - Using ScaleArc’s software,’s IT operations team identified “bad” queries that were slowing the website. Caching the responses to these particular queries shaved half the page download time. In addition, the company has reduced server CPU and query count, further aiding application availability and performance. As a result, customers now have a much better experience online.

Auto Failover for High Availability - With ScaleArc’s automatic failover capabilities, Dell has been able to move to an active/active architecture, enabling multiple data centers to serve application traffic at the same time and deliver 100% uptime. The ScaleArc software automates and accelerates the failover process for unplanned server failure by effectively steering and load balancing traffic across the data centers.




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