“With ScaleArc, we achieved the best Black Friday in our company’s history. ScaleArc ensured the database scalability we needed to support the launch of our Black Friday Survival Guide mobile application – without building any additional complexity into the application itself."
-- Craig Thayer, vice president of technology for Sazze

Sazze Smashes Black Friday Records, Enjoys Higher Uptime and Real-Time Visibility with ScaleArc

With the upcoming launch of the Black Friday Survival Guide mobile application, Sazze knew its existing database infrastructure would not be able to handle the expected traffic. Sazze wanted a way to ensure high availability (HA) and easily scale its system to meet the increased traffic loads. A key requirement for Sazze was the ability to meet its goals without any application re-engineering. In addition to increasing the number of completed transactions, Sazze also hoped to boost Internet search rankings for its eCommerce sites.


  • Scale for Black Friday and other sales peaks
  • Ensure system HA
  • Easily spot query flow changes and problems in real-time for faster troubleshooting
  • Speed transactions across its eCommerce sites


Sazze chose ScaleArc for MySQL to:

  • Ensure continuous availability. Sazze added Percona Galera cluster for replication across its MySQL database servers, using ScaleArc’s auto failover capabilities for the cluster
  • Serve content faster without application or database changes by leveraging ScaleArc’s in-memory caching for frequent, repeating queries
  • Solve problems faster with increased visibility into the query flows between applications and databases using real-time analytics


  • 100% uptime on Black Friday serving over 600 million queries and tripling the amount of transactions from the previous year
  • Improved performance and faster transaction completion with 80% cache hit rate – delivering content up to 60x faster
  • Three-month return on investment (ROI) including a 10-day vs. 2-month deployment
  • Higher ranking of Sazze eCommerce sites on Internet search engines, driving traffic and generating more revenue
  • No application re-engineering saving hundreds of hours of engineering time



Sazze is the parent company to a number of fast-growing eCommerce sites, including DealsPlus, ShopLately, ProGrids,, and Pocketly.

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