Keeping eCommerce Online

Architecting for zero downtime at the database tier

ScaleArc’s solution enables you to deliver a consistent, relevant, and personalized omni-channel buying experience. 

ScaleArc has enabled eCommerce companies large and small to:

  • Deliver 100% uptime – even through Black Friday and other traffic spikes
  • Enable high performance – so customers engage with your site and don't bounce
  • Scale on demand – to keep pace with sales growth
  • Deploy security patches – stay safe without downtime and lost revenue

Our database load balancing software deploys transparently between your eCommerce app and your SQL database. ScaleArc leverages your database’s replication and failover to enable continuous availability of your eCommerce app.

eCommerce App Server Diagram


Infographic: 5 Ways to be a Hero on Black Friday

Keeping Your eCommerce App Online

eCommerce Customers Achieving Zero Downtime with ScaleArc

Dell maintains 100% uptime through Black Friday and all year round

Sazze architected for 100% uptime on Black Friday in 10 days vs. 2 months

DDP Yoga saw 100% uptime during Shark Tank with 3000% traffic spike