Database Scalability

Instantly scale up. Transparently scale out. With no app changes.

The database often becomes the weakest link in supporting a popular application, with heavy loads taxing its throughput, and scaling database infrastructure typically demands significant application changes.

ScaleArc enables database scale up instantly and database scale out transparently – with no changes to your apps or databases. The ScaleArc software drops in transparently between your apps and your databases, routing database traffic and managing connections to databases with no app changes.

With ScaleArc database scalability, you can:

Instantly scale up
The ScaleArc software sitting in front of a single database server can dramatically increase scalability of that server with:

  • Connection pooling and multiplexing – ScaleArc manages the connection sessions, reducing the connection count coming into the database server
  • Transparent caching – ScaleArc makes it easy to identify queries that are good candidates for caching and lets you add them to the cache with a simple mouse click - and no app changes
  • Query routing – ScaleArc lets you identify queries to always send to a reporting server, for example, reducing the load on your transactional database

Transparently scale out
The ScaleArc software abstracts your applications from the database, making it easy to increase the database infrastructure without making any changes to your applications. In a multi-server deployment with replication in place, ScaleArc offers:

  • Automatic read/write split – the ScaleArc SQL state engine understands different query types, automatically sending reads to read-only secondaries and writes to your primary server
  • Dynamic load balancing – ScaleArc automatically adjusts traffic load to each database server, using time-to-first-byte to send traffic to the best-performing server
  • Database replication awareness – ScaleArc monitors replication lag and avoids sending traffic to database servers that have fallen behind a user-set threshold for delay

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