Get to the Cloud Faster

ScaleArc lets you move existing applications into the cloud without the need to recode those apps, accelerating your journey to the cloud.

Despite all of its promise of simplified operations, the cloud introduces significant challenges to application uptime and performance. In the cloud, you’ve got to deal with smaller VMs, servers that come and go, no control over maintenance windows, and unknown hops and latency in your tech stack. Even public DBaaS services suffer from many of these issues. 

ScaleArc mitigates these issues, getting you into the cloud faster. Use ScaleArc to overcome the challenges of:

  • Smaller VMs – most apps were written for one big database and can’t handle spreading the load across multiple, smaller VMs. ScaleArc solves this challenge by automatically handling read/write split on behalf of your apps. Point your apps at us, and we’ll make the database servers behind us look like one big database. With ScaleArc, you avoid any app code changes needed to deal with smaller VMs.
  • I/O limitations – the cloud’s shared resources create IOPS conflicts, and cloud providers configure gear for high utilization to maximize efficiencies. Your apps pay the price. The ScaleArc software helps by providing connection pooling and multiplexing, offloading the server I/O. It also dynamically balances the database load, avoiding servers impacted by I/O bottlenecks.
  • Latency increases – cloud providers offer no guarantees on proximity between devices transporting your traffic. As throughput slows, apps often try to reconnect, forcing additional authentication efforts. The ScaleArc software holds connections open during delays, avoiding retries and reauthentication. Our transparent in-memory query caching boosts performance even more. You can cache frequently repeated queries, with no app changes, and our analytics help you identify queries suitable for caching in the cloud.
  • Uptime challenges – regional outages take down services, and while your database technology or the cloud provider’s service may failover the database, your app won’t enjoy a seamless failover. Plus, your cloud provider – not you – now makes the call on maintenance windows. ScaleArc overcomes these challenges, ensuring app-transparent failover. Our software queues transactions during database failover and then directs that traffic to the newly ready primary server, so apps see delay but not errors. Our software also routes around all down servers, enabling zero downtime maintenance so your apps and users are not impacted when servers go offline.

To keep tabs on cloud performance, leverage ScaleArc's real-time analytics to better understand how your cloud infrastructure is behaving. With these powerful insights, you can pinpoint and resolve problems in the cloud faster.

So use ScaleArc and get into the cloud faster.

Enabling DBaaS on Private or Hybrid Clouds

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