Centralized Analytics

Aggregates real-time SQL query insights across multiple database servers.

Transparently deployed between the application and database server, ScaleArc serves as a central aggregation point across multiple systems, enabling it to deliver the most comprehensive view of centralized SQL analytics – without any impact on your application or database performance.

Eliminate the need to connect logs for each database, each application, and each server. Instantly see all query patterns in near-real time across all database servers in a single pane of glass with ScaleArc’s centralized logging.

With an aggregate view of all your SQL traffic, increase operational efficiencies and speed troubleshooting for faster time to resolution. ScaleArc ensures centralized logging that is:

  • Out of band – for low latency without affecting application performance
  • Unlimited – the amount of data you want to log is limited only by your system’s storage capacity

By delivering more comprehensive insights for log data, ScaleArc’s centralized analytics can benefit organizations that require auditing for compliance standards, such as PCI or HIPAA.