Surge Queue

Limit or hold load temporarily to reduce application error messages.

Apply surge protection and regulate load to prevent a database server from becoming overloaded or creating downtime due to crashes. 

ScaleArc provides the only SQL surge queue capability that gives you a seamless way to:

  • Safely and effectively limit the load
  • Hold load temporarily during a database failover event

If you exceed the specified load for a SQL server, ScaleArc will automatically place the queries in the surge queue. During failover, ScaleArc will hold queries in the surge queue until a secondary server can be promoted and then will instantly release the queries to that new primary.

The ScaleArc surge queue ensures:

  • No change in query order – queries remain executed on a first-in, first-out basis
  • Transactional awareness – if a query dies in the middle of a transaction, ScaleArc will alert the application to retry the action
  • Two separate queues for reads and writes – so reads can be load balanced and queued separately from writes

Operating at the TCP layer, ScaleArc’s surge queue fully complies with the ACID model and appropriate application behavior.

Manage and ride out peak loads more effectively and reduce error messages from impacting users with ScaleArc’s unique surge queue.