Connection Pooling and Multiplexing

Reuse existing connections and multiplex many connections into a few.

Maximize system resources and save time by using ScaleArc connection pools to accept connections and by offloading the need for authentication for each query.

You can create as many application connections as required but send only the number of connections to the server needed to execute active concurrent sessions. 

Because application servers don’t peak together, numerous connections can sit idle. ScaleArc delivers the connections required only for active concurrent queries and multiplexes the rest.

An example of the savings that  connection multiplexing and pooling provides:

  • A typical Java application with 100 pooled connections per web server to database server might have 300 web servers creating 100 connections each
  • With each application server only opening connections for its own peak, out of those 30,000 connections, 5,000 concurrent queries might run at a given time – leaving 25,000 connections idle
  • ScaleArc enables you to open up the 5,000 concurrent active connections to the database server and multiplex the remaining 25,000

With ScaleArc’s connection pooling and multiplexing, you can:

Reduce the number of connections to the server

  • Establish only as many connections to the servers as the number of concurrently executing queries
  • If your application makes 30,000 connections but executes only 5,000 queries concurrently, ScaleArc will establish only 5,000 background connections
  • ScaleArc reduces overhead by sending only active connections to the server

Limit the number of application connections

  • If you want to limit load, ScaleArc lets you restrict applications from executing more than an assigned number of queries concurrently
  • Even if more queries are sent, ScaleArc maintains the connection limit – no more than the set number can ever be sent concurrently to the database server
  • ScaleArc will hold extra connections in its surge queue

Make database access faster

  • ScaleArc provides long-lived, persistent connections to the back-end server to speed database access
  • ScaleArc lets you leverage connection pooling even for non-connection pooled applications, including PHP apps such as WordPress, Drupal or Joomla