Query Routing

Get the performance and scalability benefits of query routing with no app changes.

Query routing can be used to distribute data and workloads across several servers based on simple regex rules.

ScaleArc is a complete SQL proxy and can direct SQL queries/connections based on user-configured regular expression rules. Query routing rules can use any parameter within a SQL connection or query. Routing rules can be based on client IP address, database user name, database name, or any part of the SQL query or SQL comment. Query routing rules can be updated at any time on the fly without requiring a cluster restart.

ScaleArc’s query routing lets you:

Route reporting workloads to specific server/servers
Reporting workloads can be classified and routed to specific server(s). Typically reporting use-case rules are based on the database username or client IP address as the identifier. This feature can help prevent reporting workloads from running on production database servers and causing an outage or sluggish performance.

Achieve zero-conflict multi-master
Multi-master replication delivers better write performance by routing based on tables to specific servers. ScaleArc minimizes or eliminates the replication conflicts across the servers.