Increase Application Performance

ScaleArc improves application performance by managing the connections into the database servers, enabling app-transparent caching, and distributing database load across scaled out database servers with no code changes.

blog image In today’s business climate, slow apps are just as bad as down apps – outside customers will take their business elsewhere, and internal users will sacrifice productivity. Tuning performance is always tough, and off-the-shelf software can make that task impossible, since you can’t access the source code.

ScaleArc improves application performance in three key ways:

Query Response Caching 
ScaleArc's tranparent in-memory query response caching lets you choose the exact read queries you wish to cache, along with a unique value for how long they should be cached. For example, you could cache static data such as a zip code lookup table for 24 hours, whereas other queries that may be a bit more time sensitive, such as the contents of an article in a CMS, could be cached for a lot shorter time - all the way down to 1 second. You can also set the cache to expire automatically, based on changes to the data, so you'll never serve stale data. And ScaleArc’s cache is transaction safe: all transactions are executed start to end on the database server, without any caching so as to ensure ACID compliance.

Database Connection Pooling and Multiplexing 
ScaleArc can significantly reduce the number of connections to your database servers by implementing connection pooling and multiplexing in a universal manner that provides much greater efficiencies than either client-based connection pooling or non-connection-pooled apps. ScaleArc also provides the ability to limit the number of connections to the database server to an optimal level for your configuration - and still handle any additional connection spikes from the clients by leveraging the efficient queueing technology built into the ScaleArc software.

Dynamic Load Balancing and Automatic Read/Write Split
ScaleArc can dynamically load balance queries from your application across multiple database servers in a safe, consistent, and performance-oriented manner. ScaleArc performs automatic read-write split, which allows all writes and transactions to transparently flow to the primary or master server in a database cluster and load balances all read queries across all available read replicas or secondaries in a replication-aware manner. As a result, you can increase capacity within a cluster by adding more read replicas, enabling a very simple strategy for scale out.

ScaleArc provides an awesome combination of deep visibility and a single control point for all your database performance needs, so you can see what’s broken, fix it, and immediately see the effect of those improvements. This tight integration within the database and application ecosystem provides an unparalleled ability to find and resolve application performance issues.

So use ScaleArc and improve the performance of your applications – with no code changes.