Zero Downtime Patching

Implement critical security patches without any application downtime.

The number of extreme risk database and operating system exploits that require urgent patching has been going up at a very rapid rate in recent years. Recent examples such as the SSL Heartbleed bug or the Shellshock exploit were extremely risky as they left almost every server in many large networks vulnerable, and were exploited by hackers almost immediately at mass scale and used to spread malware, which led to many other attacks.

The increasing breadth and rate of vulnerabilities is leading to mandates by security teams that patches to alleviate such exploits should be installed as soon as possible. As a result, you likely need more frequent, almost ad-hoc, maintenance activity that may require you to bring down database servers and, in turn, the application. This type of maintenance activity is complex and tedious and requires resources outside of normal business hours. It may also require application re-deployment to add alert messages and maintenance window pages, it takes time to perform the actual maintenance operation, and then you must ensure the environment is healthy after the maintenance operation and bring up the app again.

ScaleArc lets you avoid these maintenance windows, simplifying the process of keeping your database stack on the latest security patches – without any application interruptions, without the need to perform maintenance outside business hours, and without needing to involve application developers. 

ScaleArc enables Zero downtime with just a few clicks.